For investors

Financial reports

Interim financial report for WIN AD for the year ending on 30.06.2023 г.
Report for WIN AD on FS as of 30.06.2023 (PDF) Download
Report for the third quarter of 2022
1. Report for WIN AD on FS as of 30.09.2022 (PDF) Download
2. Interim financial report WIN AD as of 30.09.2022 (PDF) Download
3. Disclosure to the FO of WIN AD as of 30.09.2022 (PDF) Download
Financial Report for the first six months of 2022
Interim financial report of WIN AD as of 30.06.2022 (pdf) Download

General meetings of shareholders

Extraordinary general meeting of shareholders.
1. AGM Minutes - October 24, 2022 (pdf) Download
2. Votes exercised by representatives - October 25, 2022 (pdf) Download

Presentation for Investors

A presentation will be held on May 26, 2022 for the investors. The company’s team will explain more about its future goals and its plans for the requested public offering capital.

Webit Investment Network presentation (pdf) Download

Value for Webit Investment Network Investors

By becoming an investor in WIN through the Beam market
of the Bulgarian Stock Exchange, you get:

Access for your money to the most developed markets of growing innovative companies in the world
Geographical diversification of your investments - virtually worldwide
Diversification of your investments across a variety of industries (see which ones)
The selection of WIN's investments (and your money) is made by the collective intelligence of hundreds of investors from around the world, so they become your consultants for successful investments, too.
Opportunity to invest your money - through WIN - in previously researched and selected companies. The selection and research process is the most transparent and among the most competitive ones in the world.
The "Finalist in Founders Games" status is an extraordinary success and great marketing for companies. It brings them media attention, investors, customers and partners, and further helps the success of the company and our WIN investment (self-fulfilling prophecy).

Initial public offering

Summary of the Offering
IssuerWebit Investment Network EAD
Main activityAcquiring shares in start-up companies
New shares subject to offerUp to 5,588,000 dematerialized, registered, freely transferable and ordinary shares
Nominal value of 1 shareBGN 1
Issue price per shareBGN 1.05
Condition for issue successA minimum of 2 794 001 share
Order TypesLimited/market
Stock exchange code of the issueWIN1
Issue manager / BEAM market advisorIP Karoll AD
Offering durationOne trading session: 06.06.2022 from 09:30 A.M. until 02:00 P.M.
Registration of sharesProportional distribution over all registration requests
Date of IPO auction on the stock exchangeJune 6, 2022


1. Public Offering Announcement (doc) Download
2. Admission Document (pdf) Download
3. Appendices to the Admission Document
   3.1. Statement of Webit Investment Network EAD Capital’s Sole Owner (pdf) Download
   3.2. Agreement on Granting the Right to Make Investments (pdf) Download
   3.3. Interim Financial Report (pdf) Download
   3.4. Audit_Report (pdf) Download
   3.5. Council of Investors Rules of Operation (pdf) Download
   3.6. Statute (pdf) Download
   3.6. Appendix 7 to the Admission Document (xls) Download
4. Description of the BSE Аuction (pdf) Download