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Saving the world is a multi trillion business and WIN is a tool for retail investors to tap into it and profit

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About WIN

Webit Investment Network (WIN) is a publicly listed company, democratizing the access to wealth and opportunities and turning retail investors into impact investors.

The company has the special contractual rights to invest and acquire ownership (equity) in the finalists of one of the world’s most competitive growth innovation challenge - the Founders Games by Webit. The global challenge emerged back in 2010 and grew exponentially boosting over 3000 candidates from 140+ countries.

The finalists are selected by the collective intelligence of hundreds of investors globally. The challenge is so competitive that only 0,15% of all contestants (companies) make it to the finals (over 3000 companies apply per session and there are 2 seasons per year).


The first out of the 6 main scoring factors is impact and ESG compliance of the company. Many of the finalists represent breakthrough innovations for sustainable, resilient, inclusive future! In this respect WIN is a global, publicly listed financial tool which creates a common economic interest for thousands of retail investors to invest in and benefit from sustainable, resilient, inclusive innovations and businesses.



WIN provides ownership in high-growth (growth stage) companies which have a well developed product/service, market(s) adoption, revenue, and initial investments (justification) by millions of VCs money.

Retail investors do not have access to wealth and opportunities of this scale. They invest in companies after their IPOs which means after the exponential growth (and wealth generation) has been consumed by the VCs in the previous growth stages.

The other option for retail investors is to become business angels, but this is the highest possible risk investment as the mortality rate of the companies in the “business angel” round (or so called “3Fs” - friends, family and fools round) is above 95%. This brings the chances for successful investment to the lower 5% .


Based on the global nature of the Founders Games, the finalists, respectively the investments are in companies from countries from around the world. This makes the WIN portfolio one of the most geographically diversified portfolios in the world.

In other words if any type of force major or negative economical development happens in specific country or a region - the overall impact on the portfolio shall be much smaller in comparison to the portfolios which a regional VCs have, being focused and sourcing their deal flow from the limited geographies/ecosystems they operate within.


WIN finalists are selected among 17 main industry verticals which makes the WIN portfolio one of the most domain (industry) diversified in the world.


Proven track record

The "FG6" index show that after winning Founders Games, the finalists from the past 6 years have raised 6.9 times more capital through rounds, the first of which is usually within a few weeks/months after their win.

(See more information about the finalists from the 2019 / 2021 editions)

What We Do

Webit Investment Network (WIN) is a company with the special right to acquire shares in the finalist startups (the winners) of one of the biggest and most contested competitions for innovative and technological companies in the world - Founders Games - created and produced by Webit. Up to 5 finalists are selected from thousands of companies from around the world.

WIN has the right to acquire shares in the Founders Games finalists under a contract with the global event organizer Webit, and following the rules of Founders Games. The entire selection of Founders Games is made by hundreds of investors who form the global collective intelligence of "Founders Games".

This makes WIN's corporate governance predictable, sustainable and transparent for all investors. WIN ONLY invests in the best companies (Founders Games finalists), which go through one of the toughest, most thorough and transparent research and selection processes in the world, and have a proven track record of success!


Webit’s Mission

Webit's mission is to invest and support some of the fastest growing, innovative, technological companies in the world to create a sustainable and desirable future!

WIN’s Mission

WIN's mission is to create common economic interest among thousands of retail investors to invest in and profit from sustainable, resilient, inclusive innovations and business!

WIN is а publicly listed company, providing such investment opportunities to thousands of retail investors globally.

About Founders Games

Founders Games indices - FG6 and FG4 - show that the finalists of the past 6 years have increased their raised capital 6.9 times after presenting at the Founders Games, and finalists of the past 4 years - 4.5 times, respectively. These numbers show the exceptional growth of the companies to reach the finals, times above market standards. This is to be expected, however, considering the fact that the selection is made by hundreds of leading investors from all around the world, and only 5 out of 3'500 companies make it to the finals.

For 12 years, Founders Games has become one of the world's largest innovation and technology competitions with the biggest current prize pool of $6 million. As a rule, only companies that have a product (MVP), a market realization, and a previous investment of at least several hundred thousand United States dollars move forward in the selection process, going through 5 rounds and being evaluated by a jury of hundreds of investors from all over the world. The international investor jury consists of super star names, including:

Tim Draper

Tim Draper - American investor and founder of Draper Fisher Jurvetson (DFJ), Draper University, Draper Venture Network, Draper Associates and Draper Goren Holm. His most notable investments include Tesla, SpaceX, Coinbase, Twitter, Skype, RobinHood, AngelList, SolarCity, DocuSign, Ancestry.com, Baidu, Hotmail, Focus Media, and hundreds more. Tim is a fourth generation investor, with his grandfather - Gen. William Draper - often called the father of venture industry.

Hendrik Brandis

Hendrik Brandis - Earlybird co-founder and partner. With 4 billion Bulgarian lev under management, eight IPOs and 30 sales, Earlybird is one of the most established and active venture capital funds in Europe. Hendrik is a board member of EVCA (European Private Equity & Venture Capital Association) and former Chairman of the EVCA Venture Capital Platform Council.

Alexander Galitski

Alexander Galitsky – founder of Almaz Capital with over 1 billion Bulgarian lev capital raised.

and many others; cumulatively the members of the Founders Games jury manage hundreds of billions and invest them in companies around the world.

Evaluation Criteria

The criteria against which companies are evaluated in 5 rounds include:

1. IMPACT FACTOR (SDG Compliance)

What impact the success of the company would have on achieving one or more of the 17 SDGs

2. Uniqness of the idea

To what extent the idea is unique and constitutes intellectual property (IP).

3. Team Capacity

Team experience, successful previous projects, ability to complete the project, human capital.

4. Business model, Scalability and Market Adoption

Market adoption, growth potential, how long does it take for the market to understand and adopt the product/service (timing), marketing approach and success stories, business model and business development, revenue growth.

5. Funding & Finances

Availability of financing and capacity to achieve the development of the product/service roadmap, team, marketing, growth and adaptation.

6. Leadership and Personal qualities of the team

Leading by example and potential for being a role model for other founder to work for achieving the SDGs.


Most Bulgarians find becoming an investor in Founders Games winners exceedingly difficult. As well as requiring top-level contacts all over the globe, these successful, fast-growing companies look for so-called "smart money" or money from investors with a wide network of contacts and global exposure who can help them grow even faster and open doors to large corporations, the media, or other investors.

Since Webit and our global community have been established over the years, thousands of companies compete and are eager to participate, and declare their willingness to receive investment from the Founders Games jury.

The following table shows that the respective startups close a very successful funding round a few months (and sometimes weeks) after winning the Founders Games - often oversubscribed (a number of investors fail to join the round because of registration limits).

Additional Information

The contract between Webit organizers and Founders Games and Webit Investment Network permits WIN to co-invest in the winners, including in the bridge round (a special preferential round), as well as the series A round.

In this short video, Eric Schmidt, one of the symbols of the digital age, the former CEO/Chairman of Google and current chairman of the US Commission on Artificial Intelligence, talks about the work of Webit and publicly states his willingness to support their work in the area of selecting and developing the most innovative companies worldwide.